Thursday, February 21, 2013

Green tea and a chocolate tart..

I was considering changing the name of this blog..

There's this french cafe I go to sometimes. I was first introduced to it by a friend, and although it's a lovely place to go with other people, I really like going there alone.

Last year, I had 10am lectures at the hospital. I'd catch the train into the city and be there about 8:30am, go to this cafe and order green tea and a chocolate tart. This green tea is the nicest smelling green tea I have ever come across! I've tried the chocolate pudding, and a raspberry (strawberry?) muffin, but nothing quite adds up to the chocolate tart. It's just so tasty. Anyway, I'd pull my book out and sit there reading for about an hour before wandering over to the lecture. It was especially nice since it was autumn! It wouldn't be the same if it was summer, I can imagine. I haven't actually been there for months! Hopefully soon :))

Sara xx

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