Saturday, February 23, 2013

The ones who won

I'm scared for the thoughts I've forgotten,
The flowers they didn't become

Other thoughts came along
And they are the ones who won

Not what I saw

Mr Frog gave me his hand,
Exploring the land

Mrs Lion gave me her paw,
Not what I saw

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Green tea and a chocolate tart..

I was considering changing the name of this blog..

There's this french cafe I go to sometimes. I was first introduced to it by a friend, and although it's a lovely place to go with other people, I really like going there alone.

Last year, I had 10am lectures at the hospital. I'd catch the train into the city and be there about 8:30am, go to this cafe and order green tea and a chocolate tart. This green tea is the nicest smelling green tea I have ever come across! I've tried the chocolate pudding, and a raspberry (strawberry?) muffin, but nothing quite adds up to the chocolate tart. It's just so tasty. Anyway, I'd pull my book out and sit there reading for about an hour before wandering over to the lecture. It was especially nice since it was autumn! It wouldn't be the same if it was summer, I can imagine. I haven't actually been there for months! Hopefully soon :))

Sara xx

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


She turned her head to the right,
She turned her head to the left,
She shifted a lock of hair,
She flicked the switch for the light,
She turned the kettle on,
She bit into the biscuit,
She took out the flour,
She tried to sift it,
She took her cup of tea,
She set it on the bench,
She pulled out a novel,
She tried to read in French,
She pulled on her gloves,
She pulled off her gloves,
She pulled on her socks,
She glided across the floor,
She slipped she tripped she fell,
She pushed her arms up,
She lent back on the couch,
She listened to a CD
She breathed in every word,
She breathed out every word,
She ripped up the paper,
She put together the paper,
She stood up to walk
She picked up the phone,
She punched in some numbers,
She stopped and she talked,
She slept and she wept