Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Looking out the window,
At the softness of the rain,
She sees the sky turn dark grey, 
And journeys down the lane 

An insignificant little drop,
Can signify much more,
A memory of a time, a place,
On which life has shut its door. 

The swishing of the wipers,
Moves the drops away,
And against the pace of modern life,
Her mind begins to stray. 



  1. yeah, wrote it on the bus on the way home from uni lol

  2. Wow! It definitely does remind me of times I catch the bus alone too, and just think weird/thoughtful thoughts- 'her mind begins to stray'. So good Sara! Hope you post more poems (:

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog..
    You beautifully captured a rainy day image in this poem
    Looking forward to see more posts like this--